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Rezekne Higher Education Institution (RHEI) is a higher educational institution in Latvia, which runs programs of studies, as well as engages is research and artistic creation. The university was established in 1993, based on departments of the University of Latvia an Riga Techniacal University. RHEI has extensive experience in the implementation of projects related to vocational and continuing trainigs.

Rezeknes Higher Education Institution most important goal is to provide professional higher education in accordance with the level of development of science and cultural traditions of Latvia.

Personality Socialization Research Institute (PSRI) is a new structural unit of RHEI, which was founded in 2006. It explores scientific achievements and innovative technologies offered in the European Union and other foreign countries, then adapts and popularizes them in the society, creates and disseminates scientific products and innovative pedagogical technologies simplifying personality development and social integration in the society. It's main tasks are to: 

  • develop scientific research ability,
  • provide technological distinction and transfer innovations in the issues of socialization, re-socialization and safety of individuals,
  • provide qualitative implementation of the doctoral study program "Pedagogy", at the same time cooperating with foreign universities,
  • provide a balanced development of the scientific program and establish a link between science.

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