The fourth study visit

The fourth study visit within the transnational project "Threats of cyberspace- new qualifications of a social worker" took place on the 20th-21th December 2012 at the Latvian partner. During the meeting there has been undertaken an important discussion on the promotion of the project during the conference, which will take place in May 2013 in Rezekne.

Then experts from Rezekne Higher Education Institution held a seminar on the social program - "Bilingual Teaching Methods of Signs and Verbal Language for Children with Hearing Impairment".

In relation to all substantive work and discussions, participants had the opportunity to visit the Rehabilitation Technology Laboratory and Speech Elementary Boarding School, which among other things also fights with threats generated by cyberspace among young people.

Representatives of the fourth study visit confirmed a two-day (17-18.01.2013) expert panel in Poland.

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