About the project Threats of cyberspace - new qualifications of a social worker

Under the influence of the media and information technologies the traditional social threats which lead to different pathologies, dysfunctions and marginalization of the family are changing. At the same time there appear new threats that are closely related to the specificity of the virtual world. The problems concern both children and adults. The modern technologies bring many benefits to their users but they can also be tools of information and communication crimes as well as various traditional forms of violence and its new types connected with spending time in the virtual world.

The aim of the project

The main aim of the project is to implement an innovative development programpreparing the employees of social service institutions to work with families and individuals who need social help in the area of risk generated by cyberspace. The creation of this product will fill in the gap in the existing system of education of the social service staff with the problems connected with cyberspace.

Implementing the innovative development program will provide the social service employees with new qualifications and tools. 

The project will contribute to enhancing the efficiency of the presently realized social policy.

Benefits for the users of the project – employees of the institutions educating social service staff (social workers)

Broadening the knowledge in the following fields:

  • threats created by the digital media as well as information and communication technologies,
  • social, educational, health and moral risks connected with cyberspace.

Taking part in the series of trainings for the social service employees which cover the following  topics:

  • physical and psychological health disorders,
  • social and educational risks,
  • infoholism and computer games addictions,
  • cybercrime.

Access to the innovative educational program serving as a tool for working with families and individuals who need social help in the area of threats generated by cyberspace.

Benefits for the recipients of the project – social service workers

  • Developing the ability of recognising (diagnosing) new hazards generated by cyberspace and their social effects e.g.:

  • infoholism,
  • cybercrime,
  • addictions.
  • Improving the employees qualifications in the field of prevention, diagnosis and therapy connected with the cyberspace threats.

  • Preparing for new professions and specializations.

  • Widening professional qualifications in the field:

  • knowledge,
  • diagnosis,
  • practical abilities. 

Social benefits

  • Raising social awareness of the hazards and addictions occurring in the real and virtual word, including the following:

  • threats created by the digital media as well as information and communication technologies,
  • social risk,
  • educational risk,
  • health risk,
  • moral risk.
  • Broadening the knowledge of the parents, teachers and pedagogues concerning cyberspace.

  • Intensifying preventive actions against the cyberspace threats.

The project will be carried out from 2012 to 2014. The budget of the project is 1 332 730 PLN.

We will inform you about the subsequent stages of the project, current events and activities connected with the program on our website, newsletters as well as posters and booklets available in the school facilities.

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